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How Affordable Life Insurance Can Be Found Through Final Expense Insurance

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Affordable life insurance is what we all are looking for when we search for ways to protect our family after our death. It is important to keep your loved ones out of financial ruin, but that doesn’t mean you have to go broke to do it.

If you are looking for affordable life insurance, you can find it through a great policy known as final expense insurance.

Here is how…

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Final Expense Insurance Is Competitive

Everywhere you look it seems that there is another life insurance commercial.

But that’s a benefit to you because competition means insurers want to keep prices as low as possible for their potential customers.

Since many insurance agents, like us at Gee Insurance Solutions, are able to represent multiple carriers, we are able to make sure we shop around and get you the most affordable life insurance rate available.

Simplified Underwriting Makes For Affordable Life Insurance

One of the advantages of buying a final expense life insurance policy is that the underwriting is pretty simple.

All that is needed are a few health related questions.

While it may seem that not requiring detailed health evaluations would increase rates, the fact is that some people don’t pass the health questions. High risk individuals are eliminated (although they have other options), and the insurance company keeps costs low by not personally evaluating each applicant.

For this reason, final expense insurance is affordable and easy to purchase.

Final Expense Policies Have Low Face Amounts

What is the face amount of an insurance policy? It is how much your beneficiaries will be paid upon your death.

Some people purchase very high face values for their life insurance policies.

Many others just want their family to have enough to pay for a funeral and some outstanding debts. Final expense insurance would be a perfect fit for this type of life insurance buyer.

Final expense policies typically pay out no more than about $25,000. This helps people feel confident that their families will not suffer financially when taking care of a funeral.

Since face amounts of a final expense life policy are low, the premiums are also kept low and affordable.

Where to Find the Best Affordable Life Insurance?

Affordable life insurance can be found by looking online for yourself or using an agent.

Looking online yourself can seem easier, but if you use an agent, you will have an actual person be your advocate during your purchase and during the life of the policy.

We’d love to help our! Feel free to contact us and we will show you how affordable life insurance is within your grasp!


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