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Funeral Insurance For Over 80 Years Of Age – Don’t Get Burned!

Many people think that it is impossible for people to get funeral insurance for over 80 years of age. But believe it or not, it is very possible for an octogenarian to receive a life insurance premium that pays a good life insurance benefit to the person’s beneficiaries.

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One of the rewarding things about being a life insurance agent is assuring a grieving loved one that their family member was thoughtful and prepared enough to set up a life insurance policy. With the average cost of a funeral being $10,000 – $15,000, funeral insurance lifts a weighty burden off the shoulders of those left behind.

There are a multitude of reasons why someone should buy life insurance, even people who are over 80 years old. Here is all you need to know about funeral insurance and why you should have it.

Funeral Insurance Definition

When people mention funeral insurance, they are usually thinking 1 of 2 things. Either they are talking about prepaid funeral insurance or final expense life insurance.

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These are two different things and should be understood so you can make the right choice when it comes to paying for your funeral and final expenses. Lets take a look at these insurance policies.

Prepaid Funeral Insurance

Prepaid funeral insurance seems like an easy choice. It usually works like this:

A person goes to a funeral home to plan their funeral, naturally. While they are there the salesperson talks up the value of a prepaid funeral plan. It sounds great. You pay for your funeral at today’s prices. What’s not to love?

Well, for one, a prepaid funeral plan can be more expensive than a traditional final expense life insurance policy. You may end up paying more in a premium than what your loved ones will receive at the time of your death.

Dollar sign gee insurance solutions handitran in arlington tx final expense whole life insurance. funeral insurance for over 80 doesn't cost a lot

Second, your beneficiaries shouldn’t expect for the full funeral expense to be paid if the funeral plan is not paid up. So much for insurance.

Lastly, a funeral insurance plan only pays for the funeral. But what if you want to leave something else for your kids, nieces, nephews, grandkids, etc? What if you want to help them out with other bills or debts that you had not taken care of? A funeral plan won’t help with those things.

Compare that to final expense life insurance…

Final Expense Life Insurance

For most people 80 years of age and older, a final expense life insurance policy will be a more valuable purchase for several reasons.

First, the premiums are not as high as you would imagine. I go into that in more detail below, but an 80-year old female with average health history can get a $10,000 policy for less than $130 per month, with a money back guarantee. For many people, that is a lot of money, but if the goal is to take the financial burden off of your family when you die, then final expense insurance is a great way to give them some peace.

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Next, once the policy is signed and in place you and your beneficiaries can take comfort in that in most cases the entire face amount will be paid when you die, even if you die the day after you pay your first premium. If you have a severe medical condition that the insurance company declares too “risky” then there will be a reduction until a certain amount of time passes, but your insurance agent is required to disclose that up front so no one is taken by surprise.

Third, your beneficiaries are allowed to do whatever they want with the death benefit. This allows you to leave a little something to your family, even after they have paid for your funeral and final expenses.

Based on the cost, security, and freedom associated with a final expense life insurance plan, this type of policy will be best suited for most people.

Why Should Someone Buy Funeral Insurance For Over 80 Years Of Age?

It’s easy to think that once someone is over 80 years old it’s too late to buy life insurance. But it’s not. And after all, no matter how much we don’t like to think about it, we’re all going to die.

Gofundme isn’t life insurance. Neither is making a family member pay for your funeral. The absolute best way to take care of your family at the time of your death is to be responsible and prepared.

Here are three reasons you should buy funeral insurance even if you’re over 80.

Pay For Your Funeral

This one is obvious. You buy funeral insurance to pay for your funeral. The average cost of a funeral is in excess of $10,000. Do you want your kids or grandkids to go into debt over that?

Some people will say that they’ll go the cremation route. That’s fine, and less costly. However, it still can be $5,000. I don’t have $5,000 hanging around to pay for that. Do your loved ones?

gray funeral urn with ashes with a unique lid and green and red etching in the side

Funerals are expensive, and no matter if you want a simple funeral, your family members will want you to be respected and honored in your death. But it doesn’t come cheap. Funeral insurance helps pay for that.

Pay Off Bills

Not many of us leave this earth debt free. What about your car payment? What about your mortgage or rent? Yeah, your kids may end up selling those things, but it doesn’t happen immediately. What about the 2-3 months it takes for them to get your affairs in order? The bank will still want payments to be made.

And if you own a home that’s paid off, don’t forget the property taxes that are still owed on your home. There are processes in place for when something like this happens, but in the meantime, the taxing authority still expects to get paid.

Leave Something Behind For Your Loved Ones

Once funeral and final expenses and debts have been paid, many people like to be able to leave a little something extra for their family to put in a bank account. It’s like a final gift to those they love.

hundreds of $100 dollar bills laid out on top of each other. money like this can be left to loved ones through life insurance

It could be a way to help your child with a couple months of rent. Maybe your grandchild needs tuition help. These are just a couple of reasons people of all ages wish to leave a financial gift to their beneficiaries through life insurance.

How Can People Over 80 Be Eligible For Final Expense Insurance?

Another advantage of final expense funeral insurance is that it is very easy to qualify. The underwriting for a policy of this sort is not nearly as complicated as a typical term policy for example.

A final expense application is usually 2-4 pages. The insurance company wants to know of any recent hospitalizations or significant diseases or diagnoses. Depending on how those questions are answered, you will be offered a policy.

However, don’t despair if you can’t pass all of the questions. There are still “guaranteed issue” policies that will still allow you to have a life insurance policy. These policies are a little more expensive and may reduce the benefit if you die within a certain time period.

Still, no matter your health record, you can buy a final expense life insurance policy today and be covered tomorrow.

What Are Current Funeral Insurance Rates For An 80-Year-Old?

It’s hard to know what an individual’s actual life insurance rate is without a quick interview to find out more about the person. Since the underwriting for funeral insurance is not very complicated, a life insurance agent will be able to quickly walk through these questions and determine the rate.

Here is a list of things that will affect a funeral insurance rate:

  • The actual insurance company (some companies are known for lower rates)
  • Home location
  • Height and weight
  • Smoker status
  • Medical conditions
  • Prescription drugs being taken on a regular basis

Sample Final Expense Life Insurance Rates For An 80-Year Old

Please make sure you understand that insurance rates change all the time. As I mentioned above, there are several variables that affect a life insurance rate.

That being said, one of the life insurance companies I represent currently is offering a $5,000 policy for just $52 per month for a non-smoker with relatively decent health. That’s not bad at all. To be 80 years old and guarantee your family $5,000 for just a little more than $50? I bet you didn’t think it would be that cheap.


Contrary to what you may have thought, it is not difficult for someone 80 years old or older. Even if the individual has health issues or is a smoker, quality and affordable life insurance is available.

As you can see, funeral insurance for over 80 doesn’t cost a ton. If you need more information or would like a quote, contact us today, and we’ll be happy to walk you through the options!

gee insurance solutions based in arlington texas can help you get great final expense funeral insurance quotes for someone over 80 years old


Dollar sign gee insurance solutions handitran in arlington tx final expense whole life insurance. funeral insurance for over 80 doesn't cost a lot

How Affordable Life Insurance Can Be Found Through Final Expense Insurance

Affordable life insurance is what we all are looking for when we search for ways to protect our family after our death. It is important to keep your loved ones out of financial ruin, but that doesn’t mean you have to go broke to do it.

If you are looking for affordable life insurance, you can find it through a great policy known as final expense insurance.

Here is how…

grandmother grandparents grandma newborn baby daughter mother granny final expense affordable life insurance funeral insurance burial insurance

Final Expense Insurance Is Competitive

Everywhere you look it seems that there is another life insurance commercial.

But that’s a benefit to you because competition means insurers want to keep prices as low as possible for their potential customers.

Since many insurance agents, like us at Gee Insurance Solutions, are able to represent multiple carriers, we are able to make sure we shop around and get you the most affordable life insurance rate available.

Simplified Underwriting Makes For Affordable Life Insurance

One of the advantages of buying a final expense life insurance policy is that the underwriting is pretty simple.

All that is needed are a few health related questions.

While it may seem that not requiring detailed health evaluations would increase rates, the fact is that some people don’t pass the health questions. High risk individuals are eliminated (although they have other options), and the insurance company keeps costs low by not personally evaluating each applicant.

For this reason, final expense insurance is affordable and easy to purchase.

Final Expense Policies Have Low Face Amounts

What is the face amount of an insurance policy? It is how much your beneficiaries will be paid upon your death.

Some people purchase very high face values for their life insurance policies.

Many others just want their family to have enough to pay for a funeral and some outstanding debts. Final expense insurance would be a perfect fit for this type of life insurance buyer.

Final expense policies typically pay out no more than about $25,000. This helps people feel confident that their families will not suffer financially when taking care of a funeral.

Since face amounts of a final expense life policy are low, the premiums are also kept low and affordable.

Where to Find the Best Affordable Life Insurance?

Affordable life insurance can be found by looking online for yourself or using an agent.

Looking online yourself can seem easier, but if you use an agent, you will have an actual person be your advocate during your purchase and during the life of the policy.

We’d love to help our! Feel free to contact us and we will show you how affordable life insurance is within your grasp!


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Money Back Guarantee For Life Insurance? Learn More About The Free Look Period

Did you know that life insurance policies have a money-back guarantee?

Well believe it, because it’s true. Just like diets, cars, and almost anything else, you have time to cancel your new life insurance policy and receive a full refund of the premium you have already paid if you have buyer’s remorse.

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The question is, with the ability to “return” a policy, what is holding you back from buying a life insurance policy that will protect your family when you die? It’s going to happen to all of us…better be prepared!

Lets take a moment to understand this money back guarantee provision of life insurance called the Free Look Provision.

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What Is The Free Look Provision In Life Insurance?

All life insurance plans include a free look provision, which allows you to look over your policy and think some more about your purchase and if the policy was the right one for you, or if you even want it to begin with.

If you decide to cancel your policy during the free look period, you will receive a full refund of the premium you have already paid.

It is truly a money-back guarantee.

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How Long Is The Free Look Period?

The free look period varies between insurance companies and states.

In Texas, for instance, the free look period is between 10-20 days. That should give you plenty of time to read the details of your policy and decide if you really do want the life insurance policy that you purchased.

Many insurance companies require that you cancel your policy in writing. To be safe, make sure you speak with your agent that sold you the policy. He or she will make sure your policy gets cancelled in a timely fashion.

When the free look provision is used, all premiums you have paid are returned, and you have no more financial obligation.

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Besides The Free Look Period, Why Else Should You Purchase Whole Life Insurance?

So now you know that a life insurance policy comes with a money-back guarantee. What other reasons should you consider a purchase of whole life insurance?

Number 1 blue oval with a white number gee insurance solutions

First, Whole Life Insurance will definitely, 100% be paid upon your death as long as you continue to make your premiums. There is no expiration date.

If you purchase a $10,000 Whole Life Insurance policy and keep up with your premiums (or someone keeps up with them for you), your beneficiaries will get $10,000 upon your death.

That helps pay for a funeral, final expenses, and even a little left over to help your loved ones out with their own expenses.

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Second, our policies at Gee Insurance Solutions come with almost no medical underwriting. Just a couple of simple questions and you’re done. We can complete an application in 15 minutes and have you approved.

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Third, you’ll leave a legacy behind for your loved ones. They will know that you cared enough about them to prepare them financially for after you are gone.

We have customers all the time tell us how much they appreciated that their mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather, or another loved one had a life insurance policy that helped out during a traumatic time. Now, they want to leave behind the same for their family.

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Lastly, Whole Life Insurance is not nearly as expensive as some people think, even if you’re not the picture of health. I wish I had a nickel for all of the surprised looks I’ve seen when I give someone a quote.

If you haven’t taken the 15 minutes it takes to buy a life insurance policy, do it today.

But hold on!

Why Is Life Insurance Better Than A Prepaid Funeral Insurance Plan?

I hear this question all the time.

Why buy life insurance when I can buy a prepaid funeral insurance plan?

Have you ever wondered why the only places that sell prepaid funeral insurance are funeral homes? It’s because they make a whoooooole lot of money doing so.

Prepaid funeral insurance is a type of policy that pays for funeral services in advance. It locks in the cost of a funeral at current prices. Sounds great, huh?

gee insurance solutions man standing at graveside with flowers final expense insurance funeral insurance burial insurance texas dallas fort worth arlington north texas funeral plans

However, funeral insurance can be more expensive compared to other types of life insurance. In fact, the premium may EXCEED the actual death benefit.

Also, many policies won’t pay for the full funeral expenses if you die before paying a required amount.

Not so with whole life insurance. Even if you’ve paid just 1 premium, if you die the next day, your loved ones will receive the ENTIRE benefit if you have a whole life insurance policy.

Also, funeral insurance only pays for the funeral. If you have a life insurance policy, and your loved ones have a little left over after taking care of your funeral and final expenses, they still get the extra money. Most people like the idea of helping out their family, and life insurance is the way to go.

How To Buy A Money-Back Guaranteed Final Expense Whole Life Insurance Policy

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At Gee Insurance Solutions, our entire focus is making sure you are leaving your loved ones what they need to stay financially secure during a sad time in their lives.

Dealing with the death of a loved one is difficult emotionally. It shouldn’t come with financial difficulties. A little bit of planning on your part, and a 15 minute conversation will give your family some peace of mind in the midst of their sadness.

About Legacy Safeguard Old Pictures of Old People Gee Insurance Solutions final expense insurance burial insurance funeral insurance dallas arlington fort worth north texas

Don’t put it off any longer. Contact us today at (682) 305-1527 or

You may also fill out the form below, and we will contact you shortly.

Document Living Will Gee Insurance Solutions Advance Health Care Directive arlington fort worth dallas texas

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Living Will

reasons why you need a living will gee insurance solutions advance health care directive dallas fort worth arlingtonCan’t Wait? Need a Living Will? Get a Free Living Will Here!

Having a living will is a must, and I’m going to show you why…

Every now and then a story hits the news that highlights why you should have a living will. What happens to you when you get sick or have an accident that leaves you incapacitated?

A living will, or advance health care directive, is a set of instructions set by you that details what types of medical intervention and treatments you would like to receive if you cannot make decisions for yourself.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Living Will…

#1 – Without a Living Will Someone Else Will Make Decisions for You

These aren’t trivial decisions. Do you want to prolong your life if you are incapacitated? Do you want to donate your organs? Do you want relief from pain even if it hastens your death?

You can save your family the agony of deciding what to do if you have a living will.

And speaking of agony…

About Legacy Safeguard Old Pictures of Old People Gee Insurance Solutions final expense insurance burial insurance funeral insurance dallas arlington fort worth north texas#2 – Avoid Family Feuds

The reason living wills make it into the news is usually because family members are fighting over how to take care of someone they love.

Maybe your spouse knows exactly how you want to be treated because you’ve told them. But then your sibling has other ideas. They all have your best interest in mind, but they can’t agree on the best thing to do.

That’s when the courts get involved. I don’t want my family going to court over me, and you probably don’t either.

Can you imagine what that would do to your family? The emotional toll? Why let this situation happen when an advance health care directive can take care of it for you.

Of all the reasons why you should have a living will, avoiding family feuds is the most important to me.

#3 – Avoid Unnecessary Medical Costs

Medical care is expensive even if you have medical insurance. Many times, a prolonged period of keeping a patient alive outlasts medical insurance and can bankrupt families.

It is definitely fine to be kept alive, but the decision should be yours. If financial stress enters the picture for your family, well, you can check out #2 above to find out what happens next.

Dollar sign gee insurance solutions handitran in arlington tx final expense whole life insurance

#4 – Avoid High Legal Fees

A disagreement over how to handle your life will most certainly involve lawyers. And lawyers usually don’t work for free.

These cases can take years to settle. Hopefully you have purchased life insurance (if you haven’t, you can get a quote here), but do you want all of your life insurance to go toward legal fees?

Making sure people know your wishes through your living will should take most of the legal questions out of the equation.

#5 – Peace of Mind

At the end of the day, it’s just nice to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your wishes will be known to everyone. That your family won’t have to worry about the decisions they must make or the money it will cost. That your family will be able to stay out of court.

Making a living will is one of the most responsible things you can do, since you will be keeping your loved ones from making some of the most heart-wrenching decisions of their lives.

If you were to be incapacitated, there would be no reason to compound your family’s suffering.

grandmother grandparents grandma newborn baby daughter mother granny final expense insurance funeral insurance burial insuranceA Living Will Is A Must

It is so easy to create a living will that there really is no reason not to do it. It’s just a few checkboxes and some signatures.

And a living will is free! To get your FREE living will, check out our page here.

Hopefully these reasons why you should have a living will showed you how important and easy it is to protect yourself and your family.

Again, to get your free living will, go here.

what is final expense insurance gee insurance solutions arlington dallas fort worth north texas funeral insurance burial insurance

What Is Final Expense Insurance And Why You Need It

Something I hear a lot is, “I already have life insurance. Why do I need final expense insurance?” This question usually lies from a lack of understanding of what is final expense insurance.


What Is Final Expense Insurance?

The first thing to understand is the difference between final expense insurance and “traditional life insurance.”

Final expense insurance, also known as burial insurance and funeral insurance, is bought with a lower face amount compared to traditional life insurance. A traditional term life insurance or whole life insurance policy is used for income replacement, repayment of debts, mortgages, etc. after someone dies.

Funeral insurance, on the other hand, is used to provide immediate funds for a person’s funeral, which can be up to $20,000 and more!

what is final expense insurance gee insurance solutions funeral insurance burial insurance final expense insurance 5 reasons you need funeral insurance today dallas fort worth arlington north texas

Is There A Medical Exam With Final Expense Insurance?

A great thing about burial insurance is that there is not a medical exam. You will be asked a handful of medical questions, but it is not a detailed questionnaire.

Plus, in most states, even if you don’t “pass” the medical questions, you can still be eligible for what is called a Guaranteed Issue policy. This allows you to get final expense financial protection even with poor health. This typically involves having to wait 2 years to get your full face amount, but if you were to die during that time, your beneficiaries would still have the premiums returned plus some interest.

With a traditional insurance policy, the application process is much longer with more extensive underwriting.

Final expense insurance is approved quickly, ensuring you will be covered almost instantly.

How Long Do Final Expense Insurance Claims Get Paid?

When you die, your beneficiaries will have a lot to take care of. Take a look at our funeral planning guide to see all that is required. The last thing you want them worrying about is how to pay for everything.

Traditional insurance can take weeks to pay. Final expense funds are usually paid out within 24 hours.

Think about all the fees that can pile up while waiting on a regular insurance policy. Think about the daily bills that aren’t getting paid. The landlord may be patient, but he’ll eventually want his rent.

Final expense insurance pays quickly to cover the costs of a funeral, burial, cremation, and miscellaneous bills that need to be paid by survivors. You can use savings for this, but what if savings is depleted? What if those funds aren’t liquid and it takes time to convert them to cash?

gee insurance solutions logo servicing arlington dallas fort worth and all of north texas with life insurance final expense insurance

How Gee Insurance Solutions Can Help

Buying a small  $5,000 – $20,000 whole life final expense insurance policy will be one of the best gifts you can provide your family. It is an inexpensive way to make sure your wishes are respected at the end of your life.

Here at Gee Insurance Solutions, we pride ourselves in bringing you the best final expense insurance at the lowest cost available.

Now that you know what is final expense insurance, give us a call today to get your free quote. Your family will be glad you did.

best life insurance life preserver hanging on a wall final expense insurance funeral insurance burial insurance

How To Get The Best Life Insurance For Your Final Expense Needs

We all want the best life insurance for ourselves because the financial safety of our family should not be jeopardized by our death. With life insurance your beneficiaries are paid a sum of money once you die.

Choosing a good life insurance policy can be confusing, but if you can choose a company that offers a good plan at affordable prices, you will be on your way to finding the best life insurance.

Find The Best Life Insurance Companies

First off, you should look for reputable companies in your state. Believe it or not, some insurance companies will do whatever they can not to pay claims. They will fall back on the reasoning that there was a problem with the application that they didn’t catch until the insured dies.

If you are wanting the best life insurance for you and your family, you’ll want to avoid insurance companies like that.

Find A Great Rate

Of course, the next part to finding a great life insurance policy is that you will want to find a good rate. For the most part, rates between insurance companies will be in the same ballpark, but it is still worth it to look around.

Since the rates are all similar, some people prefer to choose their insurance company based on which company they are familiar with or what their agent suggests. Nothing wrong with that either.

Pay Attention To The Fine Print

You will also need to compare potential policies. To get the best life insurance for your needs, you will want to compare what a policy covers. Is it a graded policy, where you only get the full face amount after 2 years? Does it pay a full amount if death is accidental? All of these are questions that can affect the quality of your life insurance policy.

How Much Insurance Do You Need?

Don’t forget to factor in what you want the insurance policy to pay out to your beneficiaries. This is called the face amount. A funeral today costs in excess of $10,000, so if you want to just cover your funeral expenses, then you’ll need a policy of at least $10,000. Face amounts are available in various amounts, so make sure you are in a position to give your family what they need for your final expenses.

What Kind Of Policy Do You Need?

Lastly, make sure your insurance is there when you need it. There are two main types of life insurance. These types are term life insurance and whole life insurance. Term life insurance typically has a lower monthly premium that whole life, but it expires at a certain age. Whole life insurance has higher premiums, but will never expire, and it will be there when you die. Also, whole life insurance builds up a cash balance, so you can take out a loan against your policy if needed.

Find a Great Life Insurance Agent

Finding the best life insurance is a must if you want to help your family avoid financial difficulty in paying for your funeral, burial, and final expenses. A life insurance agent can help you navigate these options, at no cost to you.

We are here for you to help you find the best life insurance for your situation. Contact us today!

desktop making plans funeral insurance final expense insurance burial insurance 9 tips to make funeral plans dallas fort worth arlington texas north texas

9 Tips On How To Make Smart Funeral Plans That Help Your Family

gee insurance solutions man standing at graveside with flowers final expense insurance funeral insurance burial insurance texas dallas fort worth arlington north texas funeral plansEvery family knows what it’s like to lose someone special like a mother, a father, a grandparent, or a treasured aunt or uncle. However, because people never accept death as a possible outcome – despite the fact that it is a definite outcome for all of us – most people don’t know where to begin when it comes to making funeral plans. But being in charge of your final expenses is vital to the end of life experience, and it can make life much easier on those left behind.

What Is The Greatest Gift You Could Give Your Loved Ones?

One of the greatest gifts you will give your family is one of the most overlooked. That gift is preparing them for the inevitable. The very first thing you will want to do is set up your estate planning by creating a Will or Trust. Did you know that over 70% of Americans have no form of estate plan? Why is that? Most think that a Will costs too much or that they don’t have enough assets to justify setting up a Will. That’s just not true. We all have some possessions to pass on, and do you want your family fighting over those assets? Do you want a court to have to decide who gets what?

By having a will or Trust, you take a step in the right direction toward planning your future financial wishes. The problem is, this form of planning fails to accomplish the most important task, which is addressing your family’s immediate concerns, which are funeral plans.



Funeral Planning Fact Sheet

Did you know that there are over 100 things that need to be taken care of BEFORE you die? Don’t be overwhelmed. Use our free cheat-sheet to help you and your family prepare.

Click here for your FREE report


What Decisions Are Made After Someone Dies?

The person or persons that are responsible for taking care of your final arrangements and final expenses have some very important decisions to make. And they have to make them in a small time frame, usually just 2-3 days at most.

Most of these decisions require some type of financial arrangement. Financial decisions are difficult under normal circumstances, but having to make them while grieving the loss of a loved one can be unbearable.

You can be of tremendous help by having funeral plans that outline your final wishes.

Funeral Plans Are Integral To A Sound Estate Plan

Funeral pre-planning gives you the ability to choose how you are treated after your death, and it allows your family to focus on more important things such as grieving and recovery. Keep in mind that people don’t always make the best decisions under stress, so if you can make the decisions for them you will give your family a better thought process while dealing with your death.

When it comes to making funeral plans there are several things you will want to keep in mind.

  • Interview several funeral homes and their directors.
  • Choose a funeral home where you and your family feel most comfortable.
  • Take family members with you when you interview funeral homes.
  • Make sure you understand bereavement entitlements such as veterans, unions, pensions, Social Security and fraternities.
  • Make sure your family and chosen funeral home know of your religious and moral convictions.
  • Determine your method of disposition. Would you like a burial or cremation? Would you like a cemetery or entombment?
  • Consider how you feel about things like casket viewing, religious aspects, who to invite, who to include in the ceremony, etc.
  • Determine the cost of your funeral and the budget you would like to set.
  • Check out the Federal Trade Commission’s free funeral planning information at their website. The FTC Funeral Rule requires funeral directors to give pricing information over the phone, as well as provide you with a readily available General Price List if you visit them in person.

Will You Pay For Funeral Expenses In Advance?

Planning your funeral arrangements in advance will help your loved ones with the details, but to really help them you should look into either prepaying for the funeral or purchasing final expense insurance.

Prepaying for your funeral or cremation is one of the most appreciated aspects of making funeral plans. Those left behind are always appreciative of this fact.

Lets take a look at some of the ways that people pay for their funeral plans when they are still alive…


Lots of people think that they can get by using their savings to pay for final expenses. This isn’t a bad plan. However, this doesn’t always work out.

First of all, the savings can be depleted before the person dies. It’s not guaranteed to to be there at the end of life.

Second, funds in a savings account are not always liquid enough to be readily available at death. This will still leave your loved ones paying for your funeral out of pocket since they probably will not have access to the savings funds until weeks after the funeral.

Third, the funds set aside for a funeral may not be sufficient anymore. What was put aside years ago isn’t going to be enough today.

Lastly, there are tax consequences to savings accounts, so part of that money that was supposed to pay for your funeral plans may actually go to Uncle Sam.

Which leads us to…

Pre-Need Trust Agreements

Another way to prepay for your funeral is to use a Pre-Need Trust Agreement. Some people get nervous thinking about trusts, but it’s not too complicated.

Generally speaking, Pre-Need Trust accounts are funded with monthly payments that are invested in a fund which is designed to grow over time. A trust account is designed to provide protection against inflation, but that is not always the case.

So how to you pay for funeral plans where you know exactly what you’ll have at the end?

Lets find out about…

Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance is thought of as the simplest way to provide funds for your beneficiaries after your death.

Term Life Insurance has a set number of years where you pay a premium, and if you die during that time the insurance company will pay out the face amount of the policy.

It is a great way to pay for final expenses, because it is a very liquid asset (just need a check from the insurance company) that is not part of your estate. The money can be used for anything to pay for your final expenses.

The bad thing about term life insurance is that it will expire once you reach a certain age, usually 60 or 65. If you die after that age then the policy pays out nothing.

So, what kind of life insurance policies do not expire and can be used to pay for funeral plans?

The best way to pay for funeral plans is funeral insurance…

Funeral Insurance

Funeral insurance is a whole life (or permanent life) insurance policy that is designed to cover any costs or final expenses which are related to your funeral.

When you die, the insurance company will pay out a sum of money to your family, and they can use that money to pay for things like flowers, burial plot, grave marker, etc.

A funeral insurance policy will never expire. As long as you keep up with your premiums, the policy will be there when you die.

How To Buy Final Expense Insurance To Pay For Funeral Plans?

Talking about your funeral is not a subject people like to discuss. However, it is necessary, and making sure your family can pay for your funeral will save them money and heartache.

If you would like to discuss funeral insurance in more detail we would love to talk to you. Contact us or request a quote today and we’ll get back to you soon.

Preparing your funeral plans in advance will be one of the greatest gifts you can give you loved ones.

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5 Reasons You Need Funeral Insurance Today

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Don’t tell me you haven’t done this yet…

Why don’t you have funeral insurance? It’s such an easy thing to get, especially when you consider #5 below.

Also known as burial insurance or final expense insurance, funeral insurance is a cheap way to protect your family and pay for your final expenses after your death.

Things like funeral home bills, burial plots, caskets, flower, and more cost thousands of dollars. Then when you add on any debts you may have, there are lots of reasons you need funeral insurance.

In fact, you MUST have funeral insurance. We’ll go into more detail below, but we’ll go over these fundamental reasons that you should buy it today.

No more putting it off, people! 🙂

Reasons You Need Funeral Insurance

  • Funerals are expensive
  • Life insurance itself doesn’t cover everything you need
  • Funeral insurance has low rates when compared to life insurance
  • It is SIMPLE to apply and be accepted for funeral insurance
  • It is very easy to qualify for funeral insurance – much easier than typical life insurance

Lets explore each of these in more detail.

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#1 – Funerals Are Expensive

Have you had to pay for a funeral lately? If so, you know that funerals and final expenses can cost upwards of $20,000. Does your family have that kind of money to spend? Most people don’t.

Even if your family does have money to cover your funeral, wouldn’t you like to keep them from having to spend it? Funeral insurance keeps them from having to fork over their own money. Instead, they will get a check to pay for everything.

It’s a nice final gift to give to those you love.

And don’t think other forms of life insurance will give you what you need, because…

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#2 – Life Insurance Doesn’t Cover It All

People sometimes don’t buy funeral insurance because they already have life insurance and think that they don’t need anything else.


Why? For one, many people don’t understand their life insurance policy. I’ve seen a lot of times that the life insurance policy they think they have expired or they let the premiums lapse, and the policy is no longer in force.

Is your life insurance policy a term life policy? Then it will expire when you reach a certain age. A funeral insurance policy never expires. Your family is guaranteed to get the money from the premium.

Also, when you bought that other life insurance policy, what did a funeral cost? Back then, a funeral probably cost a fraction of what it cost now. Will your policy cover it all? Even if it does, you probably want your life insurance money going to help your family with their daily living expenses, not paying more money for you.

Funeral insurance will allow them to enjoy your life insurance money while also being able to bury you with dignity.

#3 – Funeral Insurance Policies Are Cheap

A funeral insurance policy is much cheaper than other forms of life insurance. If you have another policy, it’s worth taking a look to see if you can find something better through a funeral insurance policy.

You can find face values of up to $35,000 or more, but all the way down to $1,000. You have many options to find exactly what fits your budget.

In the end, it’s a very small price to pay for helping your family get the protection you know they deserve.

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#4 – It’s SIMPLE To Apply For Funeral Insurance

Most funeral insurance policies have a 2-4 page application. All it takes is to give your vital stats and answer a few health questions. Your agent can then quickly figure out your rate, and you can be covered.

In less than 20 minutes you can go from having no plan to being covered in the event of your death.

Many people don’t want to take the time to get covered, but it doesn’t take any time at all to get funeral insurance.

Which leads us to the last, and best, of the reason you need funeral insurance…

#5 – It Is Easy To Qualify For Funeral Insurance

Afraid of all the medical requirements of life insurance? Well, with funeral insurance, you have very little of that to worry about. There is no medical evaluation, and all you’ll have to answer are some minor health questions.

And even if you don’t pass all of the questions, you still will probably be eligible. You don’t have to have perfect health to qualify for funeral insurance.

Too old? Doubt it. Most funeral insurance policies cover people well into their 80s.

How Can You Get Funeral Insurance?

So you you can see there are many reasons you need funeral insurance. It’s easy to apply, it’s cheap, and you don’t want to leave that burden to the people you love.

The best way to get a funeral insurance plan is to talk to an agent. If you’d like, you can contact us or request a quote, and we’d be happy to set you up with a wonderful plan that fits your budget and protects your loved ones.

We are a family-owned agency located in Arlington, TX. We only focus on final expense insurance, so if you are located in Dallas, Fort Worth, or anywhere else in North Texas, we can meet with you in person and have you insured in less than 20 minutes.

Outside of the North Texas area? No problem, we can get you set up over the phone.

And don’t forget to download our Funeral Planning Fact Sheet. It has a list of over 121 things that need to be considered when preplanning a funeral.

5 Great Tips For Choosing Funeral Insurance Plans That Protect Your Family

Funeral insurance, also known as final expense insurance or burial insurance, is insurance that is designed specifically to provide for the heavy costs that come with the funeral of a loved one.

Death is one of the only certainties in life so it only makes sense to prepare as best you can. When you get a funeral insurance plan, you are making sure that your family will have the necessary funds to pay for your funeral and burial. Final expenses today cost over $10,000, which is a heavy financial burden to place on those you love. But with a funeral insurance policy, your family will not have to worry about money in the midst of grief.

What Kind Of Funeral Insurance Policies Are Available?

Funeral insurance policies come in several varieties. The most popular funeral insurance plan is a traditional whole life insurance policy. These are easy to understand and easy to administer. Everyone from the owner (buyer), the insured, the insurance company, the beneficiaries, and the funeral home can understand these policies and how the money is handed out. They are not very complex, which makes them a great way to insure your final expenses. Funeral insurance can also be used to pay for final medical bills, debts, etc.

Pre-need contracts are agreements put in place with a funeral home to pay only for the cost of a funeral. You will need to make sure the funeral home abides by this contract and only charges you the agreed upon amount.

Do Medical Conditions Affect Funeral Insurance?

It depends. Most funeral insurance policies will have medical questions. However, these questions are not as detailed as a typical life insurance policy, and final expense insurance usually doesn’t require a medical evaluation.

However, if you are denied funeral insurance for medical reasons, you can probably still get covered under a guaranteed issue policy. However, the cost of a guaranteed issue policy is higher than a typical final expense policy. Also, a guaranteed issue policy will require that you live a certain time period (usually 2 years) after the policy is issued before it pays the full face amount.

What Does a Funeral Insurance Policy Cost

Until you talk to a funeral insurance agent, you will not be able to know what your final expense insurance will cost. Age, the policy’s face amount, gender, smoking status, health, etc. will determine what goes into your premium.

Regardless, if you are in relatively good health, you will be able to find a funeral insurance policy that you can afford. Need an agent? We’d love to help you get a quote.

Most insurance companies will be flexible in how they accept payment. The most popular form is through a bank draft that is scheduled to coincide with you Social Security deposit. That way you always know the money for the premium will be there. The last thing you’ll want is to have the policy lapse without your knowledge, leaving your family without the insurance money they thought would be there.

5 More Tips To Buying Great Funeral Insurance

There are a lot of choices to make when it comes to buying good funeral insurance. An agent will help narrow down the choices, but here are 5 tips to think about.

  1. Find out if you have an existing life insurance policy that includes funeral expenses. Some people think that just because they have life insurance that they don’t need funeral insurance. That’s not necessarily the case. If you don’t factor the cost of your funeral into your life insurance then you will not be leaving everything you want to your beneficiaries. However, you also don’t want to buy insurance you don’t need. Your agent should be able to help make that determination.
  2. If you decide to go the pre-need route, make sure you do your homework ahead of time before you meet with someone at the funeral home. Know your options and your state’s laws.
  3. Talk to your family and possibly a lawyer about your final expense needs and policy. Make sure they know that the policy exists.
  4. Do your research on reputable funeral insurance companies so you know you’re getting a good deal. You don’t want to end up with a policy from a company that is going to fight paying out the money your family is owed. Again, a good agent will do this work for you.
  5. Know about the free-look period. Insurance policies include a form of buyer’s remorse. Your policy will spell out how long this period is. You are able to cancel the policy without penalty during this time.

Funeral Insurance Is Necessary

Once you look carefully through your policy and talk to your family, agent, and lawyer, you will be confident knowing that your family will not have to worry about money when they should be celebrating your life.

If you would like to discuss funeral insurance further, please contact us.

How To Buy Burial Insurance For Your Parents

The main reason that people purchase large life insurance policies is so they can leave a significant sum of money to their beneficiaries to help pay for living expenses. Some of this money will go toward the cost of a funeral and other burial expenses, which can be in excess of $10,000. However, some people may not be able to afford the high cost of life insurance, but they would like to have burial insurance so that they can at least be laid to rest with dignity and without sticking their children, grandchildren, and friends with the bill. Many times, adult children of these folks purchase final expense insurance for their parents. If you are wondering how to buy burial insurance for your parents, you’ve come to the right place.

Why Buy Burial Insurance For Your Parents?

The reason for burial insurance (also known and final expense insurance or funeral insurance) is simple. Funerals are expensive. And emotional. It can be very difficult on family members when they have to find a way to pay a lot of money while they are grieving. Life insurance takes care of the funeral expenses, but in many cases our parents were not able to pay for an insurance policy while they were alive due to financial constraints. Or they suffered from a severe medical condition that made them unable to purchase life insurance.

In these instances, you can go ahead and buy burial insurance for your parents. Typically the children have more disposable income, and since they will be the ones paying for the funeral anyway, they go ahead and buy the insurance policy themselves.

Also, final expense insurance typically does not have health requirements as strict as regular life insurance. And there are even policies called Guaranteed Issue, which means the policy does not have any health requirements. However, under a Guaranteed Issue policy, the policy is more expensive and usually doesn’t pay the face amount if the death occurs in the first 2 years after issue.

How To Talk To Your Parents About Burial Insurance

Talking about burial insurance for your parents with them can be awkward. Still, it is important to talk it over with them. Burial insurance is an inexpensive way to keep you financially stable after a parent’s passing. When you explain to your mom or dad that a final expense policy will be financially and emotionally helpful, most parents will gladly agree that insurance is the best thing to do.

What is the Best Type of Burial Insurance for Your Parents?

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is an insurance policy that expires after a certain term. You pay a premium until the insured person reaches a certain age. If they die before that age, then the policy pays out. If they do not die before they reach that age, then the policy goes away. Term life insurance is cheaper than other forms of insurance, but as I mentioned, it may not pay anything at all. Also, term life insurance usually requires a health exam.

Because term life insurance has smaller premiums than other forms of insurance, some people prefer to pay the premium and save a little extra. That way if their parent lives past the expiration date of the policy, the family will have saved up some money for a funeral. However, not everyone is disciplined enough to save the extra money.

Burial Insurance

Burial insurance is the most popular investment option for people specifically looking for ways to pay for a funeral. It can be purchased inexpensively, even if your parents are older, and it doesn’t require heavy medical underwriting. Some basic questions is all. The person is covered for the rest of their life and the premiums never rise.

Face amounts of burial insurance can be purchased in small increments as well. That way if all you want is a little help, you can get that.

Graded Burial Insurance

Of course, many seniors have health concerns. But don’t be alarmed. Burial insurance does not knock out everyone with a risky health history. Rather than deny every sick person out there, most burial insurance companies will still cover the person under a graded policy. What this means is that for the first 2 years after the policy is issued the policy will pay out a reduced amount, but after 2 years is will pay out in full. It’s a great middle-ground, protecting both your parent and the insurance company.

How To Buy Burial Insurance For Your Parents

Buying burial insurance for your parents is simple. All it takes is a brief conversation with an agent to go over the best policies at the best pricing. We would love to be able to talk with you about the benefits of burial insurance for your parents. You may request a quote today and one of our best agents will call you back very soon.